360'CRM Announces Accreditation

July 12, 2010: 360'CRM Chief Financial Officer Dave Sutcliffe today announced the successful completion of the American Teleservices Association Self-Regulatory Organization (ATA-SRO) audit and accreditation for TLK Group, LLC; as recently approved by the SRO Trustees and ATA Board Of Directors. The seals of Accreditation awarded to TLK Group for Inbound and Outbound call activity represents 360'CRM's third successful audit engagement in support of an industry-wide initiative, spearheaded by the ATA, for companies engaged in call center activity to proactively demonstrate and maintain compliance with all Federal and State regulations guiding the teleservices industry. To date, nine firms have now achieved ATA-SRO Accreditation distinction.

Mr. Sutcliffe observed the growing importance and emphasis being placed on the Accreditation process. "TLK Group ATA-SROrepresents yet another leading service provider in the teleservices industry wholly intent on delivering an outstanding customer experience with rock-solid Compliance processes in place as a foundation. The entire audit therefore went very smoothly with TLK Group. We were happy to be of assistance to Jim and his team in completing the process."

Jim Tippett, Owner and President of TLK Group, agreed: "Particularly in today's economy, our business is about delivering an outstanding customer experience on behalf of our clients. We have therefore made significant efforts over the years to build compliance safeguards into all we do, so we can focus on the customer. Pursuit of and achievement of ATA-SRO Accreditation was a logical step for us. 360'CRM delivered highly professional and thorough audit support to us throughout the entire effort."

Josh Scism, ATA-SRO Program Director, commented, "The ATA is pleased to congratulate TLK Group on their significant achievement of Accreditation and to recognize another company for compliant, independently-verified call center execution. This is important not only to TLK Group's clients and potential clients, but from an industry point of view also of great value to our continuing dialogue with the FTC. I am also most appreciative of 360'CRM, who is one of our founding ATA-SRO audit firms and highly engaged in providing excellent audit support services to their clients."

Momentum around ATA-SRO is continuing to build. "We are now assisting several companies with their Accreditation initiatives, with several of them intent on achieving their seals before the upcoming ATA Annual Conference in September", Sutcliffe noted. "360'CRM is pleased to have three certified ATA-SRO auditors on staff which allows us to efficiently complete review processes for our clients, particularly those with multiple sites."