RFP Process + InSight Technology = Success: 360'CRM Optimizes Vendor Partners for Time Warner Cable and Comcast

January 21, 2011: 360'CRM, a leading professional services and technology solutions provider dedicated to the contact center industry today announced key results delivered from strategic initiatives undertaken by Time Warner Cable to optimize the alignment of their outsourced vendor partnerships. 360'CRM performed a similar engagement in 2006 for Comcast.

Time Warner Cable (TWC) recently completed its engagement with 360'CRM, which included a comprehensive Vendor Partnership RFP process to optimize TWC's partner relationships, followed by integration with 360'CRM's "InSight" performance reporting and management technology solution.

Scott McKeen, Senior Director, Sales Channels and Market Development for Time Warner Cable, stated, "Through our work with 360'CRM over the last year-and-a-half, significant improvements have been made in our ability to manage the outsourced part of our telemarketing business. In addition we have increased net revenue results and improved the customer interaction experience, while decreasing negative exposure for regulatory non-compliance issues through outsourced vendors. 360'CRM has been an indispensable partner."

Jane Bulman, Executive Director – Telesales, for Comcast noted that "the systems, processes and methodologies that 360'CRM has worked to develop with us has allowed Comcast to have a 'Best In Class' vendor partner management program as well as a dependable metrics reporting system to measure performance. The return on our investment in these applications has been positive for both improved performance and customer satisfaction."

Paul J. Santry, CEO of 360'CRM commented, "The methodology we utilize in vendor evaluation, recommendation and subsequent end-selections by the client is highly exacting; tailored to the products offered and markets served by the client. The outcomes are vendor partners with proven, demonstrated competencies to succeed as well as market-based pricing that deliver ROI within one year. This is a feature of the process we’re particularly proud of and in many cases we place a guarantee in writing for clients who engage 360'CRM to lead its vendor optimization/selection program."

As part of their vendor optimization initiatives, Comcast and Time Warner elected to integrate vendor partner management operations with 360'CRM's web-based data warehouse and reporting solution, InSight. "InSight is the definitive call center performance management solution for companies overseeing multiple call center operations, whether in-house or outsourced," Santry continued. "Because data is automatically sourced directly from the switch or dialer, vendor and client human resources time investment to manually compile reports is virtually eliminated. Metrics and timing standardization via InSight now allows the Channel Management practitioner the ability to meaningfully view stack-ranked results, quickly see exceptions and drive accountability; with performance metrics visibility down to the agent level."

"We are most appreciative of the tremendous partnerships we share with Comcast and Time Warner Cable and very pleased we continue to drive continuous improvement," said Santry. "The Enterprise and Regional leadership teams at Time Warner Cable and Comcast exemplify the thought leadership and change management skills required for the next generation of contact center management techniques. 2011 will see even more powerful features incorporated to InSight, as well as to our other CRM products that make up the comprehensive 360'CRM A-cu-i-ty suite of solutions."

About 360’CRM:
360'CRM (www.360crm.net) is a professional services and intellectual property provider of CRM call center solutions, specialized in assisting clients to optimize their unique customer experience opportunities and maximize channel performance. For more information regarding 360'CRM's Vendor Management RFP Process and InSight technology solution, see www.360crm.net or call 888-360-CRM1.